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Traditional Honan Shaolin Wushu

Our Shaolin tradition has its roots in Shaolin Monastery in Honan Province, China. Its martial art includes both barehand combat and ancient handheld weapons practice and is referred to as Shaolin Wushu 少林武術 translated as Shaolin martial techniques.


This tradition of Shaolin Wushu has a broad frame. It includes techniques, strategies, training methods, theories, and principles designed to teach and improve combat-related fighting capabilities in hand-to-hand and handheld weapon combat, focusing on efficacy and application throughout the spectrum of violence up to and including deadly force using weapons and 'pressure points'. For this reason, and integral to this tradition is its ethical code. Since ancient times, this tradition also includes an amalgam of self-defense, the development of physical and mental toughness, health practice, and a code of moral behavior toward others. 

Students must first join the adult Dragon team and learn the core basics.

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