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Xia Fang Xiu  夏芳秀師傅 


Xia Fang Xiu  夏芳秀師傅 

Xia Fang Xiu 夏芳秀師傅 was a instructor at the Shanghai Honan Shaolin Association during the early 1930s and a personal student of Tie Guanyin 鐵觀音, a female Shaolin Master and Chief instructor. She was the daughter and only child of Xia Bing Zhang, 夏炳 章, the Fifth instructor at the Honan Shaolin Association. The Xia family was the principal patron of the Shanghai Honan Shaolin Association. 

She moved to New York c. 1968 and was instrumental in establishing the Honan Shaolin Association there in 1970. Tragically, however, she died shortly later that year April 9th, 1970. She was buried at the Cypress Hills Cemetery in Queen, New York City. 

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