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Shaolin Golden Dragon Percussion Team



Honan Shaolin Golden Dragon Dance includes: oral traditions, rituals, and music. 

Everyone ages 14 and up are welcome to audition!  There are no fees for joining the team; the only requirement is to bring your enthusiasm, commitment to weekly practices, and participation in occasional public performances. Some experience in drum, percussion or other musical instruments experience is required. There is an audition process and does take into consideration your potential to:

• Learn basic dance movement patterns (舞龍) and related musical beats

• Participate in occasional public performances

• Ability to learn and execute Instrument beats

• Willingness to commit and try new things

• Marching band is inherently a physical activity and the drum and percussions are required to meet a very modest minimum standard physical fitness.

Chinese dragons were used in two ways: first, during ancient times in Imperial Ceremonies conducted on behalf of the Imperial government; second, they were used in festive street celebrations. The street festivals are notable meeting grounds where cultural spectacles and audiences meet.  


The dragon dance is an artistic expression, specifically of Chinese culture, with a spiritual dimension firmly rooted in civic life and part of the broader community. Today the dragon dance functions in three distinct ways: its presence transforms public spaces into a rich cultural experience; symbolically, the dragon expresses authentic Chinese identity and, as a privileged means of attracting people of all ethnic backgrounds together in solidarity to inspire goodwill and creativity. In addition to providing the Chinese community with a sense of identity and continuity, the dragon dance exerts an essential function in promoting physical and mental health and harmonious community life.


The Chinese Dragon Dance’s cultural meanings and social functions continue to be practiced and enriched, bearing witness to human creativity.

Shaolin Golden Dragon Music Team



Everyone ages 14 and up are welcome to Audition!  There are no fees for joining the team; the only requirement is a minimal percussion or drum experience and, commitment to bi-monthly practices, and participation in occasional public performances.


The Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre
197 1st Street SW, Calgary, AB, Canada
The Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre is a special community centre for the Community of Chinatown, the Chinese community and the citizens of Calgary. Its objectives are to serve as a community centre and hub for Calgarians to meet and socialize, and to undertake educational and recreational programs and activities to enrich the lives of all Calgarians.

Sundays 11 AM TO 12 Noon



We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to participate in intercultural events. Let's connect.

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