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Woo Chai Meng 胡介民師傅 



Shifu Woo Chai Meng 胡介民師傅 was a student of Jian Jin Shan 簡金山. Shifu Jian was an Imperial civil servant from Beijing who founded the Honan Shaolin Hui – 河南少林會 in the early 1900s to perpetuate Shaolin martial arts and related traditions from Henan Province (河南). The Association was located in building #118 on Mohawk Rd. (Huang Road) in Shanghai's International Settlement. Later in 1935, Woo Chia Meng studied Shaolin martial arts and medicine with Shifu Jian's senior brother Song Yi Shan 宋益 山 in Hong Kong. In 1971 Shifu Woo began teaching the lineage of Shaolin he inherited and formally incorporated his school as a not-for-profit association in 1976.  


c. 1912 -Chai Min Woo was born in Qiao Peng Pang Village,

Fenghua, Zhejiang China

1923- Apprentice to Shaolin Master Jian Jin Shan 簡金山師傅

c. 1935 - Studied Shaolin Marital arts, Herbal medicine, and massage in Hong Kong under Master Song Yi Shan 宋益山師傅

and certified (No. 345) as a Herbalist with the Kowloon Chinese Herbalist Association.​

c. 1936 - Taught Wushu to members of the Hong Kong

Electrical Union​

1971 - Begins teaching first students in New York City​

1974 - Joins the then newly formed Chief Eastern U.S. Chinese

Wushu Federation.

1976 - March 20, Year of the Dragon, Shifu, and his students did the first public demonstration of traditional Shaolin Wushu and the  Shaolin Golden Dragon Dance in New York City.

1976 - May 28 Shifu Woo incorporates the Honan Shaolin Association, Golden Dragon Team as a not-for-profit in the State of New York.

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