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Our Vision

The Honan Shaolin Association* is dedicated to preserving and transmitting our traditional lineage of Shaolin martial arts and dragon dancing to promote self-development, values, and harmony in our communities. 

*(Canada) The Honan Shaolin (Cultural and Historical) Association;

(USA) Honan Shaolin Association, Golden Dragon Team, Inc.


Shaolin Code

The Shaolin Code passed on from generation to generation 

 • Respect the Shaolin Way and love fellow disciples as brothers and sisters.

​• Do not do evil or abuse your power

• Compassion for others and protect the weak and vulnerable
• Uprightness
• Do not steal
• Manifest truth – Do not lie
• Do not speak of others' errors and faults
• Humility – Do not elevate the self and blame others
• Generosity - Help others
• Unity and harmony – practice kindness and respect for others, even your enemies


Shaolin Wushu Rules

1. Students must respect and uphold the Shaolin reputation.


2. Students must respect and never harm their teacher or elders. They must also be kind and friendly to fellow students treating them as brothers and sisters.


3. Discipline is one of the pillars of our longevity.


4. Students must not steal or commit any crimes.


5. Students must obey instructors; practicing what they are taught.


6. Students must train hard and with concentration what they are taught. Wushu is easy to learn, but very difficult to be successful at. Shaolin is for health and long life. Without continuous practice, in old age you will have nothing. Only with hard and constant practice will you achieve success.


7. Students must never harm or use their skill against the innocent and helpless. Senior students are not to push around juniors or beginners. Even with your enemies you must follow the rule of being calm and sociable. If a small trouble comes your way treat it like it is not problem at all, if big trouble comes your way treat it like a small problem.


8. Arrogance or vain display of skill is against Shaolin law. Don't show-off, there are many people more skilled then you are. It is said that in ancient times a Shaolin master could punch one side of a mountain and kill a buffalo on the other side.


9. Do not teach others. If you think you know Shaolin well enough to teach others without permission, you will be asked to leave. Remember, Shaolin is a vast subject and we should remain students our entire life time. Shaolin cannot accept any student until his or her background and character is thoroughly checked. As it is said in ancient times, some people have a human face but the heart of an animal. One must be careful whom one teaches, regardless of how much money or power someone has, Shaolin can not be bought. 


10. Perseverance is one of the pillars of our longevity. 

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