A detail of a Qing Dynasty (1644–1912) fresco in Baiyi (White Robe) Hall at Shaolin Monastery. The fresco shows of one of the 18 Lohan 慶友尊者 Qìngyou Zunzhe who is endowed with power that knows no bounds is full of valour and is awe-inspiring dignity,
defeating the Black  dragon.


Da Mo
According to our legends, Da Mo (Bodhidharma 菩提達摩) is our first ancestor and began the physical training of the Shaolin monks, which led to the creation of Shaolinquan.

​Bai Yu Feng
Venerable Qiu Yue Chan Shi 秋月禪師 (lay name Bai Yu Feng 白玉峰/ mid- 13th century) is considered the founding master of our lineage. Here are some of the features of the myth as passed on by our older generations.  Venerable Yuan Jue 覺遠禪師 of Shaolin Monastery traveled to Shanxi Province and studied martial arts at Huashan 華山 (Xi Yue西岳) - an art called Bai Ma Quan 白馬拳 (White Horse). On his travels, Jue Yuan met a famous master of wushu named Bai Yu Feng and begged him to come to the mountain (Shaolin at Song Shan) to improve martial arts training there.
   Bei Yu Feng was a renowned expert in the narrow blade sword and lived as a hermit who had obtained the Dao (enlightenment). After arriving at Shaolin, Bai Yu Feng decided to stay and became a monk there, taking the librarian position. Searching through the records in Shaolin's library, Bai Yu Feng found records of older martial methods like Hua Quan and was inspired to revive them. In addition, Bai Yu Feng reviewed, corrected, and reorganized existing Shaolin techniques and methods with Yuan Jue's help, creating a new system that incorporated the Wuxing Shou (Five Shaped Hands), Wuxing (five elements), Bagua (eight tetragrams), and the combat tactics of Shaolin long fist and ten animals. The twelve sets which he created were called the Twelve Dragon Books. The clenched fist is not used in these sets but rather the five hand-shaped fist, representing: dragon, tiger, snake, crane, leopard is, its focus on attacking the vital points of the
Jui Lian Huan
Jiu Lian Huan 九蓮擐 (this is a Lay-Ordination name which means "Nine Lotus Putting on Armor") was a direct student of Venerable Qiu Yue Chan Si and is consider the first lay generation in our lineage.