The modern lineage of the Henan Shaolin Assocation includes the following instructors:

Guanyin Pusa 觀音菩薩 (18?? - 1941)

The most senior elder at Henan Shaolin Hui in Shanghai was Quanyin, nicknamed Tei Quanyin (Iron Bodhisattva) by her followers. Guanyin Pusa was raised from childhood at a nunnery where she trained in Shaolin martial arts and took Bodhisattva vows as a Lay Buddhist Sister 少林優婆塞. As an adult, she worked in Bejing as a female sword-bearing bodyguard. On December 8th, 1941, the day Pearl Harbour was bombed, the Imperial Japanese Army also invaded and occupied the International Settlement in Shanghai, the Honan Shaolin Association's location. According to one account, when the Association building was stormed, Tie Guanyin fought and killed some Japanese soldiers then escaped. She was never heard from again, likely a casualty of that invasion. 

Jian Jin Shan 簡金山師傅 (18?? - 1941)

Shifu Jian, an Imperial civil servant from Bejing, founded the Henan Shaolin Association in Shanghai to perpetuate traditional Shaolin from Henan Province when Chinese modernists were attempting to dismiss the traditional martial arts. Shifu Jian was already in his 70s when the Japanese Army imprisoned him in 1941. He died in prison.


Xia Fang Xiu  夏芳秀師傅 (1916-1970)
Shifu Xia was a direct student of Guanyin Pusa and founder of the New York school.

Woo Chai Meng 胡介民師傅  (1913-2010)
Shifu Woo was a student of Shi Gong Jian Jin Shan at the Shanghai school. He also studied with Guanyin Pusa, and in the 1930s with Shibo Gong Song Yi Shan, a senior Shaolin brother of Shifu Jian, in Hong Kong.

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